Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Really Long Title for an Empty Post

Yes, there used to be something here, but I removed it.

It stunk, and so did my mood that day.

Trust me. Just say "Thank You" and move on.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Pick a Project

With the election coming up, I thought a vote might be fun. If I were to work on a story to post excerpts from for critique, which would you prefer? Leave a comment with your vote.

The Tregornian War (Elves, magic, love)

All Is Bright (Christmas Romance)

Sublime Deviation (YSA Romance - working title only)

To Adventure (Regency)

Other Regency (untitled)

I'm willing to write it. I'm wanting to write it. I'm waiting to write it!

If you've never seen "My Fair Lady" you won't get this title. It's a little obscure, but it exactly sums up the progress of my writing right now. "I'm willing to write it." I'm not avoiding writing because I'm lazy. I just don't feel that it would be fair to my little family to spend so much time with such an engrossing project right now. I'd love to, but I'm choosing to sacrifice it right now, mostly. "I'm wanting to write it." I think about it all the time. The stories play in my mind and the characters live in a shadowy world around me. I want to flesh them out in 12 pt Times Roman so that others can get to know them like I do. But there are others who need my attention more than they do - and who are frankly more important to me. "I'm waiting to write it." This takes patience, but I am born up by the hope and faith that I will have the opportunity to write in my lifetime. In the meantime, I will learn my craft so that when that "Hallelujah" day comes, I'll be ready to burst upon the literary world with a voice all my own.
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