Monday, October 11, 2010

Pick a Project

With the election coming up, I thought a vote might be fun. If I were to work on a story to post excerpts from for critique, which would you prefer? Leave a comment with your vote.

The Tregornian War (Elves, magic, love)

All Is Bright (Christmas Romance)

Sublime Deviation (YSA Romance - working title only)

To Adventure (Regency)

Other Regency (untitled)


  1. You know my vote chell. The Tregornian War!!!!Lucy wanted me to put her down for the same. :)

  2. You definately know my vote. I've bugged you about it for who knows how long. Go Tregornian War! Does my MacBook get a vote?

  3. Wow, that was a close race. You'd never guess it was to GUYS who voted. Sorry, I outranked you both and went with the ROMANCE!

    Better luck next time!

  4. Oh rats! I swore I wouldn't post any typos on here, but I just did. So unprofessional.
    At least there will be four comments on here now!

  5. I'm with the boys, but the christmas romance shows a lot of promise!


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