Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Aglow... the opening paragraph.

Dusk was falling and the curling ribbon of the old familiar highway began to glow as drivers tuned on their lights. Because it was the Christmas season, the familiar sight took on a festive magic. The lights looked like strings of red and white beads, strung like garland around the southern Missouri hills. Ashley felt warm tingles of excitement for the first time the entire drive. The trip home for Christmas was usually a lot more…thrilling…than this. “That’s life for you,” she thought, “Always so different than you expect it to be.”


  1. You caught my attention. I want to go with Ashley and experience her Christmas. I'll bet there are a lot of great experiences ahead for her. Keep the story going!

  2. WAIT-- I thought it was the first chapter?? I only get one paragraph?? I'm going to need more than that....


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