Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hoooo Hoooo loves the Holidays?

This month is turning out to be really cool...literally. It's been so nice to be able to go outside without sweating in .5 seconds! Since I was feeling angsty for fall, I bought a candle by Glade (Cashmere Woods) that I love. I used the same scent for fall last year. I loved it when my daughter got home from school and asked why it smelled like Halloween.

I was thrilled because I realized that my daughter's scent memories are being built. Someday, she will smell this scent or a similar one and think of happy childhood times.

As I've been working on Aglow, I've also used another scent to help me stay in the mood for Christmas. It's a balsam and pine candle that instantly gives me Christmas spirit.

This brings up a question I've been pondering as an author. Who enjoys stories that are set in a certain holiday? Do you like to read them all year, or just at that particular holiday? I'm considering the possibilities of writing a collection of short stories for all the major holidays. What do you think? I wonder what candle I should get to inspire me for the Fourth of July. Do they make a candle that smells like gunpowder?

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