Monday, June 18, 2012

June 18th, 2012

Creating a cover for your novel is a tricky job for Indie Authors.
 Without a publisher behind you with a marketing team and graphic artists, how do you compete?
Every Monday, I will scour the Indie world and find the Indie covers that make you take a second look at the book. The ones you just have to click on to see what the story's about.
After all, that's what the cover's for.

And today's cover is:

Somber Island

I really adore the gray monochromatic tone of this cover with the splash of red.

I think it's beautiful and haunting - which is apparently perfect for the story.
I do wish that the title and author's name had been done in
a font that is more easily read when the cover is in Thumbnail size.

Check out Somber Island on Amazon 

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