Friday, June 1, 2012

Sienna's Mom - an Interview

So, in every book there's a person to hate. I guess I expected people to hate my villains though. But people think Sienna's mom is the villain! So, to help people relax a little, I've asked her, Sophia Whitfield, to explain things a little herself: 

Me: Thanks for coming on today, Sophia.

S: My pleasure. I just hope Sienna doesn't kill me for getting oil paint down in the keyboard. I thought I got it all off, but... 

Me: So, people have had some pretty harsh things to say about you and the way you've treated Sienna. Do you have anything you'd like to say to them? 

S: Not really. It is what it is. It's kind of hard when people have seen into your personal life and are judging the mistakes you've made. You know, people make mistakes, but I was just trying to protect her. In light of everything that's happened, I see that I went off the deep end. I'm not sure why except that I still have so many unresolved hangups about what happened to me. There were almost 18 years of pain and bitterness influencing me, but I'd stuffed it down so deep that I didn't even realize it was affecting me - blinding me. I almost wonder if Sienna had been interested in anyone but Lee if I would have reacted the same. You see, Sienna doesn't know this, but Lee reminded me of her father in so many ways it was scary sometimes. It was like I was replaying my history every time I saw them together. I won't say anymore about that right now though. 

Me: So we've been working on the next book, Focused, together. Do you feel better about how your story is beeing told in that book? 

S: Look, Michelle - Don't feel bad about people hating me. You told it like it was and if you'd changed anything, it wouldn't have worked. It hurt when Sienna or Lee would call me crazy, but maybe I was. Fortunately, I've got time to fix things. Sienna and I have always been so close, and this is the first time anything's come between us. That kills me. But things are getting better. I'm getting better - I'm growing. I don't care if anyone else forgives me, as long as Sienna does. Luckily that girl has a big heart. 

Me: Before we conclude this, can you tell us how things are going with you right now? 

S: (hint of a shy smile) Well, things are going good. I've never been so mixed up in my life, but there's a new happiness in my life that I've never had before as well. 

Me: I guess you're talking about Mr. Greeley. Things are going well? 

S: Oh gosh! I wonder if he's going to see this. I'll just say that I like where things seem to be going. I never thought I'd find someone to make me feel this way. 

Me: I'm glad. You deserve it. Thanks for coming on today. I know it wasn't easy for you, but I thought it would be good for people to get to know you a little more. 

S: Thanks for the opportunity. This blogging thing is pretty fun. I'll see you back in Microsoft Word? 

Me: Yeah, I'll be there in a few minutes. My kids are awake and they want breakfast. You know how it goes. 

S: Boy, do I ever!

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